So, I was talking to my friend, and we where talking about are highest round. I said That my highest round was 31 with the PAP Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe.

I asked him what his highest round was. This is the conversation:

Him: guess what my highest round is!

Me: 30

Him: No

( Samething until round 80 )

Him: O.K. I will tell you, it's 95!

ME: Hell no!

Him: yes! My whole team had Ray Guns and Wunderwaffe!

Me: Your Asshole, Your whole team cannot get wunderwaffe! only one person! Go to Call of Duty Wiki!

Him: I am telling you it's real!

At this point I know he has PAP a weapon, so I ask him.

Me: So, you finaly PAP a weapon!

Him: No I didn't. My team didn't even get the teleporters open. So we still pwned the zombies!

I just and told all my other friends that play Nazi Zombies, The next day, one of my friends checks the WTF story friends leaderbords and he told me his high score is round 14.

Personal Fall 50 cal. Sig 22:04, August 21, 2010 (UTC)

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