HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zombie Apocalypse

Directed and Written by Jonas Hosmer CO-directed by Amanda Johns

  • Will be desisted on set.

Jonas and Amanda Watching Resident Evil 2.

Amanda: Wow, she can really kill zombies.

Forwarding to the ending credits.

Jonas: Like that would really happen. A zombie Apocalypse!? That’s just weird.

Amanda: I know it’s weird, just the effects where cool right?

Jonas: Yea

Sudden knocking at the door.

Amanda: Who is that?

Jonas: I don’t know, I’ll go check.

Jonas opens door.

Henry: Pizza delivery!

Jonas: O.K.?

Jonas pays pizza man and pizza man leaves.

Amanda: Pizza?

Jonas: I know right? I don’t remember ordering pizza

Zombie is heard.

Amanda: What the heck?

Jonas: What is that?

Amanda: it’s…it’s…

Jonas: A zombie

Zombie Bursts in through the door knife is throw, zombie dies.

Amanda: How did you do that?

Another zombie bursts in knife is thrown and zombie dies.

Jonas: How did YOU do that!?

Amanda: I don’t know?!

Jonas: O.K., This is weird, You and I are acting like ninjas or something.

Echo 1: It’s the T virus.

Jonas: O.K., who are you and why are you in my house?!?!?!?

Echo 1: I’m Echo1, part of Task Force 5, we kill zombies for a living.

Amanda: What’s going on!?

Echo1: Area 51 was working on a Highly Classified project.

Jonas: Cool

Echo1: It was a virus that was made to turn humans into super humans.

Amanda: Ugg!

Jonas: What is it?

Amanda: I remember area 51!

Jonas: How?

Amanda: the lonely room with no windows, do you remember?

Jonas: I actually do!

Echo1: You where the first people it were tested on.

Amanda: So…. We have

Echo 5: Powers

Jonas: Who are you?

Echo 5: I’m Echo 5, I am also a part of Task Force 5.

Echo 5: You both have zombie killing powers, but the virus has a side effect. You are, half zombie.

Jonas and Amanda: WHAT!?

Echo 10: we have to hurry, the government is going to drop a 5-mega ton Thermonuclear warhead on the city, a little “ clean up “

Jonas: let me guess, Echo 10?

Echo 10: yes

Echo 1: you might need these.

Hands Amanda a carbine, hands Jonas a sniper rifle.

Echo 10: You are now apart of Task Force 5

Jonas: Sweet

Echo 5: Let’s do this.

TF5 heads outside.

Echo 1: Zombies on the hill.

Echo 5: I got this Nub.

Echo 5 shoots zombie, zombie dies.

Echo 10: nice kill nice kill

Echo 10: Let’s see you try to kill one Amanda.

Amanda: bring it on!

Jonas: I see one, approaching the gate.

Amanda shoots zombie.

Jonas: nice kill

Echo1: Let’s see you kill one Jonas

Amanda: one up on the hill

Jonas fires and kills the zombie

Echo 10: nice kill

Echo 5: Hold up!

Echo 10: what?

Jonas: is that what I think it is?

Flashes to a crawling zombie

Echo 5: Yea, it’s a Twinkie!

Amanda: What the hel…

Jonas: Yummy!

Echo 1: back on subject, we don’t have a lot of time.

Echo 5 and Jonas: Awwwwww!

Echo 10 kicks open the gate

Amanda: Zombies!

Jonas: take them out!

Zombie kill scene 1*

More of them behind us!

Zombie kill scene 2*

Jonas: When will they go away!?

Amanda: Same!

Echo 10: Move down the path!

Zombie kill scene 3*

Echo 1 falls and zombies catch up to him

Echo 1: go! Leave me! I can catch up!

Jonas runs up Echo 1 and helps him up

Jonas: TF5! Nobody gets left behind! Lead the Way!

Massive Alarm sounds

Amanda: cr*p!

Echo 5: We only have 1 min. until that nuke goes off!

Amanda: my leg!

Jonas runs over

Jonas: What’s wrong?!

Echo 5: keep on running!

Jonas: you guys go! I’ll catch up!

Amanda: You shouldn’t have done that!

Jonas: Don’t care let’s go!

Jonas helps Amanda up and they catch up to the rest of TF5

Echo 1: we only got 30 seconds to make it to the rally point!

Echo 5:Run!

A 10 second counter starts.

Echo 10: where not going to make it!

Characters run off camera and the background lights up.

Echo 1,5, and 10 shown with blood coming out of there mouth.

Jonas and Amanda 10 feet away with blood coming out of their mouths.

Switches to Jonas and Amanda lying on a table, a shot with green liquids are put into both of there arms. They look at each other and then the seen changes to them laying on the ground.

Amanda and Jonas wake up at the same time.

Amanda: Did we just survive a nuclear bomb?!

Jonas: I think we… did!

Both turn to see TF5 dead on the ground.

Jonas: Unfortunately, we lost them.

Amanda: Sad

Jonas does the ending speech and the credits roll.

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