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  • Fear Teh Factory

    Here is a new version of the Skorpion called The Skorpion EVO III. Anyone think it should be in MW3? Any other guns people want for MW3? Don't comment if you say anything negative.

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  • Fear Teh Factory

    Isn't it?

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  • Fear Teh Factory

    What weapons would you like to see in Call of Duty: Black Ops Be realistic with the time period and and the praticality of each wepon. No 50 caliber MGs running around.

    I would like to see these guns in the game. (I wont list all)


    Smith & Wesson Model 39

    High Standard HDM


    Smith & Wesson Model 15 (Revolver)

    Machine Pistols

    Mac 10

    (should there be machine pistols?)



    XM177E2 (Car 15)


    M1 Grand (unlocked at last level?)

    M16A1 (20 round semi-automatic verson!)

    MAS-49 (semi-auto)

    Machine Guns



    Stoner M63a Commando & Mark 23 Mod.0



    Uzi (Not Mini)

    M3 Greasegun (cuz it was not in WaW)

    Sterling submachine gun (L2A1)

    Madsen Model 1950

    MAC 10 (if not machine pistol)


    Remington 870

    Ithaca 37

    Double Barrel

    Remington 11-48


    M21 …

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