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  • Ferrariguy1000

    On the revent trailer @ around 1:12, I see what appears to be a bullpup firearm I cannot seem to confirm. Here are three different views from the trailer. Any guesses? Ferrariguy1000 02:21, October 11, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Ferrariguy1000

    Well, I noticed that the HB sensor is back in MW3. I wonder if it would be the same or if it's balanced. I think the HB sensor would be best balanced by it having a bettery life and must be unfolded when being used and folded when not. Battery cannot be recharged until respawning.

    Anyone ever do anything insane to thier weapon? Well I definately did. I have an odd tendency to use Akimbo MP5ks with Rapid Fire. It actually works like a beauty. One time I got a 5x kill with it on Overgrown! Probably the least likely to get such a streak with a short range weapon. I also have an odd tendancy to add ACOG scopes and Thermals on the MP5k. I have been lucky enough to get unintentional headshots with this gun. The FAL/UB Shotgun w/ ACOG is quite diff…

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  • Ferrariguy1000

    Based on my close study of the unlock patern, there is theoretically 52+ weapons in MP verses 47 confirmed MP weapons and 55 confirmed weapons based on screenshots and official MW3 media.

    Upon closer inspection, many weapons may have been left out of MP based on my logical pattern of "every two levels is a new weapon". In some areas of the level unlock below are empty hinting a new/semi-new(weapon from older CoD games) could be in MP. However, since CoD XP has a set level unlock at level 30, it is hard to determine certain weapon unlocks before level 32. Also, create a class being unlocked means a crapload of new eapons making it more difficult to determine the exact ammount of weapons in MP. My best guess based on usual CoD unlock patters …

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  • Ferrariguy1000

    I am quite satisfied with the wapon selection (with the exception of the presence of the XM-25. DX).

    Nice to see a Japanese weapon, the PM9. I wish they added the Type 89 though. It has similar stats to the Mini-Uzi, but as they always say, stats can be wrong. Looks cooler IMO.

    The FAD is officially my new F2000 babe. Just VERY disappointed it is the last Assault rifle to be unlocked. Now even more harder than the F2000 (IW you guys are breaking my heart!). No gameplay yet, hopefully better than the F2000. they said they reworked the unlock system, so there must be a reason the FAD is dead last. Can't wait to see this babe with the HAMR sight.

    The QBZ-95 is also quite sexy. I just do not like how it is 3rd burst. probably the New FAMAS in MP.…

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  • Ferrariguy1000

    Feel free to say what you want, as well as what you do not want. (Even if it is against my IMO list)

    As of my list, a majority of it (like 99.99999% of it) may not be in the final game, just a little wishlist I made.

    Well, IMO, here are a few: Other:

    Economy System: The more popular gun that gets bought more has it's price raised up as well as lower down the price for unpopular guns over time. Not sure about this one, it can go both ways.

    Quick Scope Friendly playlists: So we can all be happy. (No offense, but I hate quick scopers *I'm dead now right?*)

    50 LV and 15 prestiege such as in BO: Seems much funner to me.

    Custom Color Camo: Really needed, I want my gun in Black! >:D

    More "swap time" for grenade launchers and slower reloads: Like in Battl…

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