Ah, first time writing a blog.

Well, I got bored ad did some math trying to figure out the maximum potential damage for the MP5k. I was amazed completely. The MP5k has 40 damage max and 850 Rounds Per Minute (RPM). It's stock damage per second is 566 2/6. Stopping power adds 40% damage to any weapon that fires bullets (basically 40% more damage is "(X) times 140 divided by 100"). so, 40 times 140 divided by 100 equals 56. So every bullet from the MP5k with stopping power has 56 damage max. Finding rate of fire uses a type of conversion method called dimensional analysis. The MP5k fires at 850 RPM, but we need to convert it into seconds. so using dimensional analysis, we will convert the RPM to RPS (rounds per second). 850 rounds/1 minute times (1 minute/60 seconds) = 14 1/6 rounds per second. So the the MP5k fires 14 1/6 bullets every second. Multiply the firepower without stopping power with the RPS, then the damage per second of the MP5k is 566 2/3. With stopping power, it is 793 1/3. I do not know the RPM of the MP5k with Rapid Fire, but since it exceeds the Vector's ROF (according to the stats ingame), it should be around 1000 RPM. so
1000 rounds/1 minute times (1 minute/60 seconds) = 16 2/3 Rounds per second. If you multiply the MP5k with stopping power and Rapid Fire, it will output 933 1/3 damage per second. If you add akimbo, then the damage is double. So 933 1/3 times 2 is 1866.6_ damage per second. Now as of the multipliers. Obviously if you shoot a player it the head, it is more powerful than you shooting them in the torso or leg. The reason for this is Damage multipliers. In multiplayer, the MP5k's Damage multipliers are Head: 1.4, Chest: 1.0, Limbs: 1.0. So if all the bullets from both MP5k's somehow hit the head, the damage is multiplied by 1.4. Multiplying that will equal 2613.3_ damage per second.

In other news, F2000 stuff.

I really love the F2000. I get so many headshots with it, most of the time accidental. Not only is is very effective for me, it looks sexy with the RDS too. I legitly got Fall cameo two times with it.

The only problem with it is that people think I boosted with it. It's so irritating. Ferrariguy1000 01:33, September 30, 2010 (UTC)

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