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User blog:Ferrariguy1000/Possible ways to balance the Heatrtbeat sensor, Crazy Combos (weapon attachments), and Noob at the Tube


Possible ways to balance the Heatrtbeat sensor, Crazy Combos (weapon attachments), and Noob at the Tube

Well, I noticed that the HB sensor is back in MW3. I wonder if it would be the same or if it's balanced. I think the HB sensor would be best balanced by it having a bettery life and must be unfolded when being used and folded when not. Battery cannot be recharged until respawning.

Anyone ever do anything insane to thier weapon? Well I definately did. I have an odd tendency to use Akimbo MP5ks with Rapid Fire. It actually works like a beauty. One time I got a 5x kill with it on Overgrown! Probably the least likely to get such a streak with a short range weapon. I also have an odd tendancy to add ACOG scopes and Thermals on the MP5k. I have been lucky enough to get unintentional headshots with this gun. The FAL/UB Shotgun w/ ACOG is quite different, probably even noobish. The UB shotgun has no range change. ACOG adds damage at range. I managed to kill someone with at sniper range using all four shots, reloading one and firing that one to finish him off. I felt guilty using that combo. The M200 Intervention w/ ACOG and Suppressor is very terrible IMO. I only got 2 kills using that combo. Even with stopping power, I need to have (generally) two shots into the opponent. Even if the first shot hits, he/she generally kills me before I fire the second one. In BO, I use the IR scope with the M60 for insane results. Double points for no grip. Just seeing the bobling white figure makes me dizzy.

News Flash! Anyone ever been a Noob at the Tube? (basically, does not do well at the GL) I only use the GL to get the UB Shotgun. So not only do a suck at the Grenade Launcher, I get called Noob for using it probably not realizing my intentions. Most of the time I either shot too far or too close. I have no I dea how people tend to be "good" at the GL.

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