Well, I noticed that the HB sensor is back in MW3. I wonder if it would be the same or if it's balanced. I think the HB sensor would be best balanced by it having a bettery life and must be unfolded when being used and folded when not. Battery cannot be recharged until respawning.

Anyone ever do anything insane to thier weapon? Well I definately did. I have an odd tendency to use Akimbo MP5ks with Rapid Fire. It actually works like a beauty. One time I got a 5x kill with it on Overgrown! Probably the least likely to get such a streak with a short range weapon. I also have an odd tendancy to add ACOG scopes and Thermals on the MP5k. I have been lucky enough to get unintentional headshots with this gun. The FAL/UB Shotgun w/ ACOG is quite different, probably even noobish. The UB shotgun has no range change. ACOG adds damage at range. I managed to kill someone with at sniper range using all four shots, reloading one and firing that one to finish him off. I felt guilty using that combo. The M200 Intervention w/ ACOG and Suppressor is very terrible IMO. I only got 2 kills using that combo. Even with stopping power, I need to have (generally) two shots into the opponent. Even if the first shot hits, he/she generally kills me before I fire the second one. In BO, I use the IR scope with the M60 for insane results. Double points for no grip. Just seeing the bobling white figure makes me dizzy.

News Flash! Anyone ever been a Noob at the Tube? (basically, does not do well at the GL) I only use the GL to get the UB Shotgun. So not only do a suck at the Grenade Launcher, I get called Noob for using it probably not realizing my intentions. Most of the time I either shot too far or too close. I have no I dea how people tend to be "good" at the GL.

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