Feel free to say what you want, as well as what you do not want. (Even if it is against my IMO list)

As of my list, a majority of it (like 99.99999% of it) may not be in the final game, just a little wishlist I made.

Well, IMO, here are a few: Other:

Economy System: The more popular gun that gets bought more has it's price raised up as well as lower down the price for unpopular guns over time. Not sure about this one, it can go both ways.

Quick Scope Friendly playlists: So we can all be happy. (No offense, but I hate quick scopers *I'm dead now right?*)

50 LV and 15 prestiege such as in BO: Seems much funner to me.

Custom Color Camo: Really needed, I want my gun in Black! >:D

More "swap time" for grenade launchers and slower reloads: Like in Battlefield when they flip up the sight, but must also cock the lever for before shooting. Must also cock lever after loading next round. (I seen them do it before on an HK79).

Varying reload animations for guns: Seeing the same reload is boring.


Vector: High Damage, Low Recoil, High ROF, 13 rd (or 17 rd if too little) mag for balance w/ moderate speed reload.

F2000: Similar to MW2, but slightly more power/less recoil. "Red Dot" should be "Scope" like it's real life counterpart. Needs to have GL-1 as grenade instead of the M203 (yuck DX).

SG550 (Needed hotness): Similar to ACR, but w/ 20 rd mag for balance.

G41 (More hotness): similar to M4, but with a slightly longer reload for low recoil, high ROF balance. HK79 is a must.

Low rd count LMGs like the HK21: Seems more balanced.


Customizable/various models of attachemnts.

Red dots:MARS, Aimpoints, etc

Halos: 551, 552, etc

GLs (No I don't noob tube [most of the time], I just like the way the gun looks with it.): M203, M320, GL-1, EGLM (Pretty much the same as the GL-1.....AH what the hell), etc.

Supressors: Whatever is meant to fit the gun. I'm tird of seeing the same suppressor on all of the guns. (MP5SD is hot though. :P)

Ammo Types: Armor piercing (FMJ wouldn't make sense since the military must have FMJ as the bullet type), Hollow points for high power but low penetration, Buckshot, Bird Shot, or Slugs for Shotguns, Different GL ammo such as gas or smoke.

"Scopes" (Not ACOG for pete sake! Not all scopes are called ACOGs.): SUSAT, ACOGs, C79 Optical Sight, Zoom Scopes, etc.

Shotguns: Masterkey, M26 MASS (Not semi auto, it's bolt action)

Magazine Attatchments: Dual Mags, Extended Mags, Drum mag (For Assault Rifles. All ammo into one magazine. Decreases mobility though)

Bipods: Your Mileage may Vary on this one

Asthetic Attachments: Different stocks, iron sights, rails, handgaurds, etc. Does not take up a attatchment slot, just so you can make your firearm look nice.

Customizable reticules: Not only Red Dots, Cut Scopes as Well.

Feel free to criticize my ideas too!

Ferrariguy1000 00:43, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

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