From what I got this seems to the story to Nazi Zombies to me. This isn't the offical story. However feel free to leave comments and what you think about it. And I'm sorry for any spelling errors.

The Start

Dr. Maxis the head of Group 935 had launched a new project. His plans was to use element 115 to master new Wunder Weapons and Super Soliders. The project was going great. He was able to master two of the many Wunder Weapons the Ray Gun and WunderwaffeDG-2. However his plan of Super Soliders was not going so well. Edward Richtofen had created the Wunderwaffe DG-2. However other guns such as the Thundergun and Winter's Howl were produced but lost over time. They will soon be found years later,

By now Maxis has grown beyond mad with his failures. Group 935 has been unable to produce weapons that can turn the tide of the war back into the Axis favor. His daughter Samatha had gotten a dog who will soon have babies. At this time Edward and Maxis began working on dead soliders to make Super Soliders. However these undead dead men went out of control. Meanwhile Maxis began working on telepoation and the Pack-a-Punch Machine. Maxis took his daughter's dog and began the telipation test on it. At that time Samatha caught Maxis and Edward testing on her dog. While Samatha and Edward was fighting the dog dissapered and came back in a ball of lighting. Edward fled out of the room and locked the doomed two inside. From there the undead horde that Maxis had created broke out of Der Riese (the factory where they were created) and spread thoughout Europe.

Edward was aware a metor filled with 115 had fallen in Japan. His friend Peter who was in Berlin was going to help Edward with his search. However the zombie outbreak had overwhelmed all of the Allied Eurpoe. Peter had to turn the power on in Verruckt to escape from the Nazi Zombies. As he turned the power on he lost his hand from a zombie attack. Peter managed to escape in the hidden telepoter which was destoyred after he left.

Peter arrived in Shi No Numa only to find that the metor had turned the undead Japan soliders into zombies and Edward had still not shown up. About to be overrun Peter hanged himself. Edward arrived to find three other men there.

The Meeting and Battle

Dempsey and Takeo's squad was locked in a battle for Japan until the undead attacked. Dempsey and Takeo later met up in Shi No Numa while trying to find shelter from the zombies. There they also met Edward who pretended he knew nothing of Group 935 and the zombies.Also Nikolai who rejoined the Soviet's invasion of Japan had used Shi No Numa as shelter from the zombies. The four stocked up on weapons and ammo. Soon the zombies attacked but the team was able to escape. They found a B-52 and managed to fly it to Germany. Thier destion was America however Nikolai being a drunk sent them the wrong way. They crashed at Nacht Der Untoten where they held off from zombie waves. The team decided they should flee to Russia for help.

After escaping Nach Der Untoten they arrive at Verruckt to find it was a trap. The team was halved along with the building. They worked together to be with each other again and open all of Verruckt. However the team couldn't hold Verruckt much longer and fled east to Russia.

They arrived at Der Riese. This is where it all started. Everybody but Richtofen made an agrreement to end it now. However Richtofen hinted that he played part in these acts. He still helped the team as they fixed the teleporters and the Pack-a-Punch. If they was to be overwhelmed they would flee to Russia like they were. However they stayed as long as they can to stop the zombies.

However in a chance run away they teleported to the main frame. However the main frame, one of the teleporter and the Pack-a-Punch is in a new place.

The 60s

It turned out the team had teleported to where the teleporter, mainframe and the Pack-a-Punch is it in the 60s. It is in a theature somewhere in the the ruins of Nazi Germany. The team found that the reason the Gas Zombies were made was because they were a failed attempt to be killed by the Russians who used Nova-6. The team held out on Kino Der Toten. As of now their faith is unknown.

Thats my story tell me what you think;D

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