I found this on a very respected Brazilian site, i'm tranlating this to share with you. Sorry for my bad english, if i made some mistakes.

"Last November, the server from a hospital in the United States has been invaded by hackers who had access to names, addresses and other personal information of patients. This should be a normal police case and unrelated to games, but the reason for the invasion proves otherwise.

According to the newspaper The Register, the reason for the attack on the computers of the institution was to host a game of Call of Duty: Black Ops. U.S. authorities recentlytraced the IP address from hackers and identified them in Scandinavia, but there is possibility of a wrong clue.

The invasion occurred in the Seacoast Radiology, New Hampshire. In all, data on more than 230 patients leaked due to the bad joke, which made the police to notify thesepeople to prevent theft and other more serious problems."


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