• Fire Angel Mike

    The perks in MW3 shouldn't be any more different from the perks we have seen in MW2 and Blops. Honestly I think it would be nice if they made the perks more reasonable, because you always end up finding campers with Ninja and Ghost. So here are basically my thoughts and suggestions on the subject. I'll be narrowing down the 3 tiers, perks, pros, and perks within the tiers.

    Going Pro:

    Here is my problem with Ghost, it just gives another reason for people to camp. Although it is different for people who run around the map with the Ninja perk doing their professional stuff that Machinima pays them for. But we barely run into those gamers online like FPS Russia and Whiteboy7thstreet and we can't forget about those cheap campers. My friend said t…

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  • Fire Angel Mike

    Okay. Everyone here on this wiki has at least some idea about what the COD zombie storyline is. This blog is here to add facts unknown in this wiki, answer questions within the comments, ask questions towards you readers, and predictions about the future with zombies such as plot, characters, and maps.

    I am here to help you, and you are here to help me.

    First zombie overview, the two maps "Nacht der Untoten" and "Verruckt."

    Nacht der Untoten is the first map in the COD zombie series. From German to English translation, it means, "Bullocks! It's Night of the Undead! Bloody Hell!" or in the American english language, it means, "Night of the Undead." It was a new gameplay put into COD: World at War just for the fun of it, also featuring N…

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