Okay. Everyone here on this wiki has at least some idea about what the COD zombie storyline is. This blog is here to add facts unknown in this wiki, answer questions within the comments, ask questions towards you readers, and predictions about the future with zombies such as plot, characters, and maps.

I am here to help you, and you are here to help me.

First zombie overview, the two maps "Nacht der Untoten" and "Verruckt."

Nacht der Untoten is the first map in the COD zombie series. From German to English translation, it means, "Bullocks! It's Night of the Undead! Bloody Hell!" or in the American english language, it means, "Night of the Undead." It was a new gameplay put into COD: World at War just for the fun of it, also featuring Nazi Zombies. Then, the creators didn't have any plot to it, so we'll exclude this map. It is suggested that it is somewhere in Germany because of the Nazis and how the title is in German.

Verruckt was getting somewhere though. Again, the translation from German to english is "Asylum." This new map was featured as 1 of the 5 maps in the first map pack download for COD World at War. It explains the story of a man escaping the asylum and in doing so he left his left hand on the power switch. This suggests that the electrical power attracts the zombies and he turned it off because it did. There are also two faceless mannequins with no limbs in the map. One has rope around its neck and is hanging from the ceiling while the other has many knives stuck into it. This suggests that voodooism was done to attempt to control the zombies, however do remember these mannequins next blog. One more thing that is found on the map is a bunch of numbers written on the wall. The first couple of numbers is an area code representing Area 51 and for the last two there is a colon in between them, being a Bible chapter and verse. The chapter and verse are in fact the part of the Apocalypse where it explains that the dead will rise. Again, it is somewhere in Germany and it features Nazi Zombies. Thanks for joining me on this quest guys. lol

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