The perks in MW3 shouldn't be any more different from the perks we have seen in MW2 and Blops. Honestly I think it would be nice if they made the perks more reasonable, because you always end up finding campers with Ninja and Ghost. So here are basically my thoughts and suggestions on the subject. I'll be narrowing down the 3 tiers, perks, pros, and perks within the tiers.

Going Pro:

Here is my problem with Ghost, it just gives another reason for people to camp. Although it is different for people who run around the map with the Ninja perk doing their professional stuff that Machinima pays them for. But we barely run into those gamers online like FPS Russia and Whiteboy7thstreet and we can't forget about those cheap campers. My friend said that Ghost should have its own tier, meaning that if you choose it, you are limited on choosing other perks. This would make the game unbalanced. I like to say that the better the pro, the harder the work, which means it is harder to make the perk go pro if the pro is actually good. This also means that when people get a pro perk that is good, they will earn it because they worked hard for it. Which also means that the nooby campers can't get it pro because it's too hard for them. So the theme of this post: if a pro perk is good, make the gamer work for it!

Tiers (2):

Nothing much to say about the tiers now because I haven't done enough of analyzation of the perks themselves yet. I'm also saving my wish list for the end. So as a quick post, Tier 1 should focus on how the other gamers and environment work with the player (Flak Jacket allows protection from explosions and Ghost/Cold Blooded makes you invisible with Spy Plane, etc.). Tier 2 focuses on the weapon itself (Warlord/Bling, Sleight of Hand, Hardened). Tier 3 focuses in on the aspect/specialness of the player (Second Chance, Hacker, Ninja). The perks I use here are only examples and aren't analyzed yet.

Tier 1:

Lightweight (3):

Lightweight is a well balanced perk in both MW2 and Blops. Although, and I'll say this once, I haven't played MW2 in a long time so I really forgot the feel of it. Anyways, it will most likely come back allowing you to go faster. The pro should either be:

1.Unlimited Sprint- Acquiring it would have you run a lot and I mean a lot, corresponding with my idea of working hard for a good pro. It would also leave open a space where Marathon would be. However people might want to start out with being able to run long distances, but the two perks being able to be combined would be really cheap if you want to get away. But if you earn the pro after your hard work, it would be acceptable for running a long time really fast.

2.Climbing Over Obstacles Easily- I'm honestly not a big fan of this pro at all. In all my years of playing COD I have never found that much trouble when climbing. If it were the case that this would be a pro, it shouldn't be that hard to get, probably escape death 5 times.

3.No Falling Damage- This pro would probably be the most balanced of these suggestions. Other gamers won't get pissed if you jump from great heights and not die (they're probably going to kill you anyways) and you won't get pissed for it being a bad pro and actually having an advantage by getting to places quicker. You also won't have the vulnerability you have when you jump into a crowd and get injured, just starting your damage for the enemy. You'd probably get it by escaping death 10 times or 10-15 melee kills. Not that bad of a pro.

Like Scale: 1- Mixed feelings 2- Bad 3- Not that bad, I like it

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