• Fishbone84


    April 7, 2011 by Fishbone84

    Ascension Map

    4Player zombie game

    each player holds a window in the centrifuge till they have around 10000(we did this it can be done) with good ammo shot and kniving and trowing granade when you think you cant handle more.

    Then open the first DOOR wich is the one above that costs 750 take in account not to open the DOOR near the QUICK REVIVE thats 750

    so then one Player needs to open the 1250 GATE infront of Lunar Lander D & go up to open the next DOOR in the POWER room wich is 1000 to open turn the POWER & Player 1 should connect Lunar Lander D first while this is being done Player 4 is getting Guns from the Mystery Box & player 2 is opening the back DOOR in the power room wich is 1250 for the DOOR and he should head to the Lunar Lander B an…

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