Ascension Map

Strategy 1

4Player zombie game

each player holds a window in the centrifuge till they have around 10000(we did this it can be done) with good ammo shot and kniving and trowing granade when you think you cant handle more.

Then open the first DOOR wich is the one above that costs 750 take in account not to open the DOOR near the QUICK REVIVE thats 750

so then one Player needs to open the 1250 GATE infront of Lunar Lander D & go up to open the next DOOR in the POWER room wich is 1000 to open turn the POWER & Player 1 should connect Lunar Lander D first while this is being done Player 4 is getting Guns from the Mystery Box & player 2 is opening the back DOOR in the power room wich is 1250 for the DOOR and he should head to the Lunar Lander B and open the DOOR that cost 1250 and call the Lander & buy the sickle & connect the Lunar Lander B

while doing this the 3 player should be opening the DOOR's to Lunar Lander C wich the first DOOR costs 1000 and the second 1250 & buy your Claymore & connect this also

So now all is connected and keep in mind not to activate the rocket till you can surely shoot to blow it up and get the 2X doing this all players must have by this time good weapons i guess the one with ray gun should be the one that blows the rocket as its easiest & do this just as the round begins

one Player should stay by Lunar Lander D

the second Player by the Lunar Lander C

the third Player in the Centrifuge

& the last Player by the Rocket Room or the Lunar Lander B if its not to hard

Remember just buy the Juggernaut and from that point on each Player should protect 1 to 2 machine the Player closest to Stamin' Up can protect Quick Revive also and maybe even help out with PHD Flopper while a player should guard the speed cola alone if one of us has it and the 3rd Player should be between PHD flopper and juggernaut and the 4th Player should be by Juggernaut with least good gun

PS. first monkey round is easy if everybody has the Sickle in hand it takes only one hit to kill them , and try jumping with them if you cant back up fast enough while they are doing there Power Stomp

by now all players should have for instance

Sickle, Claymore with Raygun, thundergun or other heavyweapons with gersh or even martyoshka doll wich i do not like very much i prefer the gersh as i use it as backup to run away or to teleport my self

with this strategy you can go on for hours

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