• Fizzywizzy

    1.UMP45 Noobs

    2.Noob tubers

    3.Glock 18



    6.Overpowered shit weapons and killstreaks

    7.Shit weapons lack of most of the COD 4 Guns

    8.Shitty M21 Sprayers

    9 Bad maps

    10. Ranger akimbo noobs

    11. Striker noobs

    12. No Zombie mode

    13. No dedicated servers

    14.Host migration

    15.Crap attachments, lack of SOPMOD

    16.Lack of M1911 In multiplayer

    17. More weapons should have been added even if those weren't in Cod 4


    19.No W1200 - W1200 should have replaced the crap Ranger shotgun.

    20.Tactical knife runners

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  • Fizzywizzy

    My sniping pwnage vid!!

    November 28, 2010 by Fizzywizzy

    Here's da link for me sniper pwnage vid >>>

    Have fun watching it :D!!!!

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  • Fizzywizzy

    Okay, i got a ps3 and i want some pro zombie mode players to play with me zombies. I always get somw retards with no skills and im pissed off bout that.

    my psn: fizzywizzy10

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  • Fizzywizzy

    Okay , now i apologise for my rage and swearing to the ppl in my talk page....

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  • Fizzywizzy

    Okay fake or not?

    November 1, 2010 by Fizzywizzy saw this vid

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