aka Jesus

  • I live in a cave
  • I was born on December 31
  • My occupation is lord of heaven
  • I am the egg man
  • Flaccoboy

    Pronounced TEAR-EE-OB-LAY. Terriable.

    1. Sgt. Sandguy was brutally exploded in Russian prison escape

    2. The knife was boring

    3. Africans

    4. Russians

    5. Makarov is still alive

    6. Soap is betrayed and Price punches him down a flight of stairs before exploding him

    7. Special ops

    8. A man shoots you and Cpl. "Riley" Foley stabs him with a machete before cutting down the swastika and saving the world.

    There you have it folks. Beauty.

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  • Flaccoboy

    1.  Sgt. John "Wan wan sevoon" didn't die

    2. Shepard and Makarov teamed up and backhanded Cpl. Foley "Riley" Price

    3. Sgt. "Sand" Guy was brutaaly beaten when escaping the Russian prison

    4. Multiplayer

    5. Special Ops

    Those are the reasons why MW3 is terrible and MW2 is better.


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