• Flamesword300

    1. Must have perks like Danger close and toughness-Im concerned about this because of the fact this is the first cod game to have this and the crossbow in a single game. Plus with the large arsenal of explosives in the cod series. I just hope this isn't like MW2 where even flak jacket doesn't help. Toughness was a must run for most players to win gun fights.

    2. The flying drone grenade-the fact that a guy can just throw this thing or set it like a claymore or betty and it follow you. I'm concerned about this because if it's not balanced right this+danger close could be a problem for the first few months before it gets patched. Thank god the developers aren't allowing scavenger to replenish equipment's.

    3. Cloaking- the fact they would even …

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  • Flamesword300

    First the link in the above is from when IW vs treyarch from breaking their agreement. Only IW is supposed to do past Vietnam games. So a lot of you are asking why is this important?

    Heres why its important-As you all know Activison has now moved cod into a 3 year cycle rotating between Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarch. We now know the next title is Advanced Warfare. Now lets go back to what Ghosts was a game set in for practical purposes the present and AW is obviously a future game.

    So whats missing we have the present and future? Thats right the past! And what studio's game happens to be next is the 3 year cycle?- Treyarch's, the…

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  • Flamesword300

    This isnt confirmed but thought Id share the information

    The most interesting news according to the article are :

    1. an energy based weapon class

    2. the ability to change ammo types

    3. Exoskeletons will be used in multiplayer

    4. Also vehicles like hover boards and bikes along with drones can be used.

    So what do you think about these if they are to be implemented in Advanced Warfares Multiplayer

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  • Flamesword300

    This would make it so everyone can play the way they want. Think about you could set it so you can only join matches that havent started yet or if you're a guy who hates snipers and shotguns ban them from playing with you. Dont like big maps dont have to play on them, think a guns overpowered dont have to play with it, is there a combo thats overpowered like the Mp40 juggernaut in WAW make it so the two cant be used.

    I also think you should be able to filter health like in private matches. Want a high damage weapons so the game plays like MW2 you can do that want lower damage weapons so the game plays slower you can change that.

    I would also like to see if this was implemented the ability to add or take away attachments and perks from weapon…

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  • Flamesword300

    Now first off let me say I want the create a solider system from ghost but it should be change slightly so you can use any 3 attachments as long as they dont use the same buttons. This idea will just add more in depth customization.

    The idea is simple, if my idea would be implemented it work like this: everything in the game would work with it; by trading certain attributes you can make others better

    So like for a player with an LMG you could trade health to make your character move faster.

    for a weapon give up some bullets in a magazine and slower RPM for higher damage.

    Trade off the number of dogs you get with attack dogs to make each dog harder to kill and stay active longer.

    Of course there would be rules and limitations to the system like …

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