Ok over all black ops 2 is a very balanced game, and the only problems i have so far is lag comp and the bad connections, and the svu hitbox glitch which i think are getting fixed in the first black ops 2 update/patch

now to confront the little things that bug me.

1. the weapons- Now here me out here let get to mistake number 1. all the lmgs except the mk48 kill in 3-5 hits like most of the AR's, but they move slower, have more recoil, have slower reloads,ads,switch times and lower hip fire accuracy and they supposed to be balanced by having longer effective ranges? BS! treyarch you messed up with lmgs. Even with rapid fire most of the 3 hit kill up close weapons shoot faster then the mk48,, making it useless besides long range opponents so why use it? I hope they are buffed to a least 3-4, but i would prefer 3 kills flat at all ranges. second is the lower maximum damage for the SMG's why i understand why they have the lower damages treyarch couldn't give them all at least a short 3 hit kill range like the pdw and msmc already have? I means they are close range weapons? which leads to another point the S-12 and m1216 both need buffs they are shotguns they are supposed to be able to kill in one shot up close but the m1216 is useless, unless you have a total stealth class to sneak up behind enemies. Next the SMR has no reason to be used over the FAL, which shoots faster, reloads faster, has lower recoil and a bigger mag then the SMR. Then the M27 which has low smg like damage shoots slow but is balanced because of low recoil and higher mobility? ; not to me unless it has a longer effective range then other AR's.lastly, my last problem with the weapons ,each weapon in their respective classes are clones. what i mean is if you took any 2 weapons from a category and you changed 1 or 2 stats you'd have the same damn gun twice. Do the same with all guns per class and you have the same gun 9 times, while the way treyarch made the weapons improved balance it kills weapons diversity. specialist skillstreak- i know why I'm just sad to not see it return :( and i was assuming treyarch would make the support streak comeback(revised of course to not have offensive killstreaks+ i wanted the keep streak to only work if you died by/in and objective you were defending) but it didn't either.

infinity ward vs treyarch: treyarch make much less frustrating and more balance games, but diversity and the fast pace is slowed down compared to IW games

IW: makes very fast paced games and diverse weapons, is usually unbalanced game wise compared to treyarch's and gives new players a boost with death streaks. But teyrach also allows more aggressive sniping which I'm very found of as an aggressive player all around I enjoy.

I dont prefer either one each has there downsides and pluses and i enjoy each developers, to treyarch's defense they did make black ops 2 the best balanced game out of all the cods and made it fast paced(could be faster) and compared to the shooters I've played over the years its my favorite.

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