So people what do you think of camping? Personally i can't stand it and its the only thing that bugs me in shooters, it takes no skill to sit in a corner, all it does is make people mad and makes you look like an ass to people like me. I do see times where camping is ok are the following to me- 1. using a sniper or LMG, objective game modes, and lastly 3.When you have a bad connection.

Now i would love to see some system in games like team deathmatch and free for all where if you get to many kills in an area you're killed instantly. Like say your in the house in nuketown and your keep camping in the building but you move from place to place once you get three kills with say 1 minute between them you die instantly or you loose those kills. I would like to also add the scope glare from BF.

So i ask you, the people who camp, and the rest of you. Why do you camp, What do you think of camping? Do you see a proper time to do it? What would you do to prevent it, if you're like me and hate it?


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