Ok as a huge fan of FPS and Im a big fan of both COD and BF I got this idea from people I was playing with. A guy in a COD ghosts lobby said "I think if cod combined with BF it be the best game ever. After the lobby I asked him to join a party. I wanted to talk with him about this idea. I did this just because the kinda person I am I see someone interested in what I am and I'll just come up and talk to them. But any way heres why I think this is a great idea

Whats the biggest problem people have with COD?- Its just run and gun and no teamwork, lag,ECT.

What do people hate about BF- Its to slow paced, Sucks for solo players,ECT.

If you dont get the point its pretty much ask any person and it pretty much comes down to the two are opposites. Cod is for solo run and gun, BF is team and tactical.

So what if these aspects were perfectly combined?

So picture Ghosts and BF4 meshed together.

From Cod- Unique high damage weapons, map layout, killstreaks- strike packages/scorestreaks, perks, game types, and pick 10 system/create soldier system.

From BF- The field upgrades,power weapons, vehicles, kits and map size, dedicated/rentable servers, destructible environments/levolution and 64 players.

Just picture an MW2 and BC2 hybrid game. Where solo players can do good but also has team driven mechanics. If killstreaks could be balanced with vehicles, both balanced with infantry.

Set a limit to how many of one kit can be used and what gadgets/equipment but make weapons universal.

Then make it so like ghosts you can use ? points to build you class- gun, attachments, perks, and grenades.

vehicle specializations, field upgrades, killstreaks- what package- wouldnt cost points

So in this aspect it be like BO1 if you played it- Your equipment(BF gadgets) would be kit based. For those who played BF3 you'll know what I mean by the above.

field upgrade would be like BF4s- carry more explosives, deploy more at a time, get more ammo,ECT.

Guns do like 2 shots upclose but drop off really low. Lmgs 2-4(3?) ARs: 2-5, SMG:2-7, Snipers+ DMR:1-2 depending on where hit. Then have bullet drop but no spread or movement penalties from BF.

for shotguns: 1-7, make shotguns pellet drop off in damage like normal weapons but hit at all range+ make pellets spread out over range. 7 shots at range if they all hit. Give them a head and upper chest multiplier: allows better range and damage but also makes them more consistent. Wouldn't be OP because shotgun have small mags and slow fire rates.

Then give guys armor(perk) to protect against QS unless its an upper chest up(triceps up) even when silenced, but also lowers damage you take like BF4. Would increase shots to kill by one at all ranges.

eople working together to take objectives then calling in killstreaks. You and your team take A flag you earn and lay down ballistic vests. Then the other team storms in with vehicles and destroys the base. Killing all your team at A. But you as a juggernaut armed with a grenade launcher blows up their vehicles earning your last killstreak and calls in a game winning nuke.

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