Overall I find ghost to be a great improvement over BO2(not saying it was bad). One noticeable improvement is sound whoring is back and better then ever. The new engine can distinguish different materials, the unique gun sounds, silencers and more. I would recommend getting a good headset as it will help in ghost tremendously

I'm infatuated with the fast pace of the game. From the maps layout and how the damage profile of the weapons makes every style of play effective on all maps.

There is only one flaw of the game so far to me - the maps and thats because only 12 people can play on these big maps. I'm hoping that on next generation console that gets worked out, I'm pretty sure that will as groun dwar will be on the next gen consoles.

The new create a soldier system + the new attachments,perks, redesigned strike packages and new and some redesigned individual kill streaks offers tons of customization and strategy unseen in other CODS.

The controls feel just as fluid and responsive as ever. I cant really say more.

Another downside of the current game is the low quality of the game on the current consoles. That and how almost every maps is just a mix of grey,black and brown pretty much. I hope this can get fixed in DLC maps. Honestly I dont blame people using the VMR/Thermal sights right now because it insanely difficult to see people.

I give ghosts on current gen consoles from first thoughts a 7/10- from the low visual quality,bad map design and lack of players needed to enjoy the new maps all the time.

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