Simply put some of the perks need to be fixed. Here are my problems with perks

1. Fully loaded and scavenger-

Both are 2 points why bother using fully loaded when scavanger gives you unlimited ammmo. So I think they should change fully loaded to a 1 point perk.

2. Scavanger- Doesnt replenish anything but ammmo. I hate this because why should I bother even using equipment+ perks to carry more, when I can use the points from not using them on better perks.

I also hate this because it makes perks like recon , strong arm and danger close useless. If IW was worried about them being OP make scavanger like it was in B02 where only people killed by non explosives dropped packs.

3. No tactician like perk- This is more of a personal grip but I dont like how you can use perks to carry a lethal in place of your tactical and vice versa. I loved having that option in BO2

4. stealth perks- All of them need to be changed to be like ghost in BO2 were you have to be on the move for them to work.

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