straight to the point heres my idea on how snipers in ghosts can be effective but not OP. I think this can be the perfect compromise.

steps 1. remove all aim assist from snipers- both ADS and hip fire

2. remove sway from snipers by default- or give a perk/attachment to remove it completely. None of the snipers sights should have any sway

3. snipers dont/shouldn't have quickdraw

4. snipers should have access to all sights except sights like the MMS that sees through walls. Give snipers the iron sight attachment/or by default like in WAW. Make acog take off 50 MS like it used to(it doesn't make ADS faster in BO2)

5. snipers should be able to fire on point 100% accurate as soon as the crosshairs/reticule are seen even after sprinting or while moving

6. give snipers the ability to see the radar/mini map while scoped+ give the peripheral vision.

With this snipers will take skill to use, they wont be OP and will allow players to still be able to quickscope and go aggressive.

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