Let's start with the tweaks for ghosts 1. More players for the bigger maps on current gens

2. fix in hit detection, lag or frame drops- what ever it is to improve gun play. I feel something is making my shots not hit when my guns spot on his chest.

3. fix spawns- I feel like a guy I kill will somewhere within like 3 feet of me.

Here are a couple of personal tweaks I want to see that can improve ghosts

1. Improving the point system- You can unlock perks by leveling up but not things like guns and equipments. Simple change I want to be able to unlock guns and equipment by leveling up. Allow guns to unlock attachments by using the gun like in MW3/BO2.

2. Know for those who have played Planetside 2 will know theres daily weapon challenges- using a gun and get like 10 kills will get you 100 XP. This can be done for all guns in PS2 everyday. You can also do it multiple time but the kills needed are increased. Along with this bring in daily attachment challanges to cod. With this system even for a little bit everyone wont be using the same thing all the time.

3. For those who played BF3 will know you can edit classes before you spawn. In BO2 you can have a class slot for every weapon but cant switch between them. In ghosts make it so you can switch to any class and edit it before you spawn in.

4. I dont care if its added in a map pack or an expansion pack like bc2 vietnam. Cod needs to have maps with vehicles like WAW. Do it the cod way dont just copy BF or other games. Make something innovative never before seen(as far as I know) like underwater infantry.

5. Build new maps so theres underground pathways, under water passages(LIKE BF4 to an extent).Maybe let players swim and climb buildings and trees. to not only get better cover but get better views of maps as well as get to objective and other key points faster.

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