Personally I think sniping is balanced in ghosts but as long as they dont make it completely underpowered I'll be fine with what ever they do. One reason sniping in cod will always be fast paced because of the arcade nature of the game. The only way to remove quickscoping is if you make it so snipers ADS is like in B01- random element to throw your shot off, slow ADS or remove the 1 shot kills.

Personally I would rather if infinity ward did this idea of mine-

For those who are fans of BF and COD(I know god forbid right?) know there's a specialization in the game that remove snipers 1 shot kill up close. My idea is to modify this and bring it into cod. Make it so with armor snipers will only kill in 1 shot upclose to the upper chest even when silenced. Make it only work on sniper damage. Upper chest would be nipples up and include shoulders.

Then make it so with chrome lined you get so damage back but not as much as the original. So the L115 would go from being a upper chest one shot kill only sniper to a ballista like sniper- Gets lower arms and middle chest added.

This makes sniping a little more balanced and requires skill to do so. With the new nerf and this I think we can get sniping to a point we all can be happy with.

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