All cod problems 1. LAG- this ruins the game when I my screen I put a whole clip into you and on your screen Im running past you like a noob :/ 2. ADS delay- I hate this because then it slows down the pace and come down to luck if you hit the guy, kill him or die. While black ops 2 patched this so it doesnt happen the other cods have not.

COD 4 and WAW Problems Hackers- explains themselves. besides hackers I have no problem with cod 4.

WAW problems The only problem besides hackers I had at WAW was the MP40. The gun was a 2 hit kill upclose WITHOUT stopping power allowing people to have double tap or juggernaut. The only saving grace from this nightmare in game was if you were in a hacker free lobby on a large map(rarely happened/happens)

MW2 and MW3 problems THE DEATHSTREAKS- I can't stand these! this is IW way of saying F U to cod vetrans and closing the skill gap between players.

MW2 problems 1. noob tubes+ DC+ OMA/SCVNG- IW biggest mistake ever. Not only did IW add more explosives but they buffed then to THEN! to top it off they added a perk that increases explosive damage. Then they made these nightmare able to fire at the beggining of the match and limitless supplies of them.

2. Danger close pro+ killstreaks- The killstreaks were OP. They stacked allowing you to get them quickly and their ability to kill you was ridiculously fast. Danger close pro increased your killstreaks damage.

3. UMP45- an SMG which did a solid 3 hits WITHOUT stopping power. It was an LMG?SMG hybrid. The gun needed it's damage by default dropped to a 3-5 hit kill and become a 2-4 with stopping power.

4. Shotgun secondaries- A secodary can not dominate that simple. All IW had to do was move them to primaries and this wouldnt have been a problem

To their defense- If IW didn't have to deal with that lawsuit they could've fixed this game

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