BO1-BO2 problems(black ops through black ops 2) 1. NO BIG MAPS- there are no large maps on any of these game by default making it hard to use long range weapons such as the LMG and Snipers. At least they ll had the decency to add some bigger maps in the dlc EXCEPT! for BO2.

2. Unbalanced stealth perks- IN BO1 and MW3 with the absence of SP in the game the stealth perks came to be OP. The only thing the devs had to do was split the abilities into multiple perks and make them work only on the move like ghost does in BO2. It took them a while to do thank you treyarch for realizing this(a little late though)

BO1 problems 1. release date sniping- the random bullet timer plus the swoop the crosshairs do made sniping useless. Then none of the release maps are designed for sniping besides Array. Combine this with lag and bad hit detection= horrible sniping. Then to top the cake even after the patches to fix sniping you have to hold still in order for your shot to go to the center of your crosshairs. Sniping in this game was designed to fail and is still not balanced and underpowered.

2. lack of weapon diversity- All the guns in each class were pretty much the exact same gun.

3. OP guns- The BO1 triad(triangle) of guns you needed to perform the famas,aug, and the AK74U with rapid fire- high damage and RPM but these guns TTK far from the other guns

4. Last stand- It was a problem in this series but it became much more annoying in this game because you could get revived+ they could kill you as they fell to the ground while being immune to all damage.

5. Bad hit detection- The only cod where I can honestly say I personally had bad hit detection. Lots of time where I was dumping clips into people before they died or killed me.

MW3 problems 1. support killstreaks - The only problem with this strike package was it had the stealth bomber. If they had removed that this wouldnt have been a problem

2. Slightly OP/UP weapons- In once patch IW could have fixed this ACR- lower long range damage to 5 hits or switch fire rate with CM901. Makes the CM901 have use(better TTK) and makes the ACR a low damage accuracy rifle+ the slower rate of fire would lower its recoil.

CM901- lower recoil or faster TTK. It has a lot of average stats so the this would make up for its slow TTK.

type 95- lower the damage out put in some way. personally all they have to do is lower the one burst kill range and Id be fine make it like 15M for a burst to kill

mp7 and other SMGS(except the UMP 45) lower long range damage for all to 6/7 hits. Maybe a slight increase in recoil for the MP7 but make it so its still the easiest SMG to control.


1. this is just my opinion but the only gripe I have with BO2 is the slower TTK for weapons. Treyarch should have made the SMGS 3-6 shots, ARS 3-4 and LMGS 3 solid at all ranges(all of course excluding headshot) with some exceptions rebalance the weapons so this system would work. Personally Id make the type 25 solid 4 at all ranges, M27/MSMC/PEACEKEEPER 3-5 and the QBB/HAMR 3-4. Make the secondaries except the B23R and KAP40 2-3 or 4. This makes the secondaries useful so sniper will actually rely on them.

2. useless attachments- Rapid fire and grip are useless in BO2 . Simple fix really make it so the laser sight, long barrel and foregrip cancel out rapid fires penalties I'd be happy with that. Although I believe grip should either lower view kick, gun kick and the recoil profile all by 2% or increase the center speed bonus to like 5-8%. I'll link a video from XboxAhoy to help clarify what I mean

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