MY idea for happy middle point. Snipers with high power like the barret and msr(anything greater then the chest OSK) gain damage over range. Low powered snipers like the WA2K and SVD(dragunov) that have chest or lower OSK zone will do their dama ge flat like usual. so upclose they'll kill to the chest and far away theyll kill to the stomach,ECT. what ever the game lets them. Then make people aim down the scope like the acog so they get peripheral and it will be harder to quickscope because the crosshairs of the scope wont come up as fast. For those who play BF3 they'll understand this more because of the 4X scope. In exchange though snipers shouldnt have sway on any sights and should be able to use RDS, HOLO, and Irons sights: they all take the .400 MS ADS to .300 ms like the acog did for the wa2000 in BO1. In exchange for these sights and the faster aiming acog snipers shouldnt get quickdraw,ECT.

Is my idea good? how could it be improved? Do you think sniping can and/or ever be balanced to make it pratical and evryone happy with it? Whats your idea to balance sniping?

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