I waited till now to do this review because I wanted a while to get my final thoughts

So basically the point of the nerf was to make quickscoping harder. Not BO1 harder just enough to make it so it be harder. Now what did the patch do, well it did two things

1. lowered the bolt action sniper's fire rate roughly 15% I think. Making it harder for each sniper to make a follow up shot if they miss or if going after multiple foes

2. There sprint recovery went from 250MS to 300MS. This makes the sniper slower to pull up after sprinting.

One thing I've come to think is this patch severed another purpose and that was simply to make each bolt action sniper fits its role and stand apart from the other.

DSR- this patch made it fit the real life sniper role better. It also made it the QS 1 guy at a time sniper because of the new RMP of 40 thats how I feel anyway( you can kill multiple people quickly but not as good as before or the ballista)

Ballista- this patch made the ballista stand out as the aggressive QS sniper. If the user is skilled and accurate and with the new RPM of 47 you can take down multiple targets. Barely though because if it was slower you couldn't get a quad feed.

Overall I thought the patch was unneeded but I dont mind it anything that makes a bigger gap in skill between players I'm fine with but only to the extent that it doesn't make it underpowered. The patch made the bolt snipers make your shot and live or miss and die. I applaud Treyarch on this patch as they once again made the game better without a drastic nerf to any weapon. My favorite thing about BO2 post launch support is every weapon rebalance patch has never made a weapons TTK(time to kill) worse they either altered range or increased damage at certain ranges.

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