So unlike most people I still love MW2 to this date its still my favorite cod. While I wont deny it has its flaws even with all of them I still enjoy the game to this day.

So while playing heavy duty and i heard someone talk about MW2 so I got an idea- If we have a play list with more health why not make one with better damaging weapons. So simply put in this mode nothing changes except the few listed below

1. No juggernauts, ICU, or ballistic vests- all these items give you extra health so they would be removed

2. Because the guns damages are increased deadeye would be removed.

3. lastly guns damages would be changed:

shotguns: become able to hit at all ranges. Damage will drop from 1-6 shots(at range all must hit for 6 shots) all max damage would be buffed to 100 per pellet. Then pellets will spread out over range. Slugs would become a 1 shot to the head all ranges and an upper chest 1 shot kills upclose.

lmgs: at all ranges 2 hits

ars: 2-3 hits

smg: 2-5 hits

pistols: 2-4

DMR- 2 hit body shots at every range. 1 shot for headshots at all ranges

snipers- chrome barrel removed for most- but the rest get damage changed I would want

L115- waist up 1 shot like B02's DSR

USR- would pretty much become L115 normally. 1 shot knee up through center mass but the upper arms area would be excluded from center mass.

Lynx- stays same and keeps chrome barrel to increase damage

VKS- doesnt drop in 1 shot damage so keeps center mass 1 shot kill.

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