weapons i would love to see comeback are

the M21 ebr from mw2( yes dont give me the mk14 is the same bullshit) if it was it be in the sniper category plus the m21 ebr has higher damage at all ranges then mk14 and faster fire rate) plus if silenced the m21 ebr would only need two shots, mk14 silenced would eventually need 3.

the wa2k- from black op the smaller looks( if you've played both games you'll know what I mean ) the lower zoom scope and the faster acog aim time, but the mw2 rate of fire

next a double barreled semi auto shotgun- dont care about stats just be cool to have( as long as its no worse the a silenced AA-12)and has a fast reload.

i would like to see slugs for shotguns. i have a lot of theories on the damage but i think it should go like this. now take the shotguns buckshot range, with slugs that range is now a one hit kill anywhere with the slugs. now for its damage at range i think the best way is this damage of individual pellet(max-min) times number of pellets so using the model 1887 so 30-20=10 times 8=80 so two shots at range. feel free to express opinion AND REMEMBER ITS JUST OPINIONS OF WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IF GUN DLC HAPPENS DONT HATE!

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