1. Must have perks like Danger close and toughness-Im concerned about this because of the fact this is the first cod game to have this and the crossbow in a single game. Plus with the large arsenal of explosives in the cod series. I just hope this isn't like MW2 where even flak jacket doesn't help. Toughness was a must run for most players to win gun fights.

2. The flying drone grenade-the fact that a guy can just throw this thing or set it like a claymore or betty and it follow you. I'm concerned about this because if it's not balanced right this+danger close could be a problem for the first few months before it gets patched. Thank god the developers aren't allowing scavenger to replenish equipment's.

3. Cloaking- the fact they would even put this in A MP game is strike 1, giving to the COD community which just finds ways to make anything broken is strike 2. With all the new movement I guarantee they'll be a guy who will camp on top of buildings with cloak, a riot child on his back,all the stealth perks, and a silencer on his target enhancer sight gun and piss everyone off.

4. Stealth perks- All stealth perks should only work while moving like ghost did in BO2 same goes for cloak. The developers should limit how many can be used or what can be used together as well.

5. Maps- This game better launch with a variety of maps from big to small. They also better be designed well. Hopefully the maps will have a different amount of players based on size. So bigger maps will have more people, smaller maps have less people. I hope there will be some big open maps like COD:Ghosts and WAW and battlefield games but not a lot. Because a variety of maps just balances guns in the game better.

6. Weapons- what Im concerned about weapon is the loot weapons will they be different/practical? At worst I hope they're like black op 1 weapons. Because every gun in that game /category were identical besides recoil and reload speed pretty much. Im a little concerned about snipers get un-needed nerfs. Lastly I hope the shotguns work like battlefield shotguns because those ones work great they're just a little to weak and inconsistent.shotguns should be able to hit people at any distance but should one shot kill up-close ONLY and be weak at range. So give all the shotguns 100 max/pellet within like 3 meters(what ever knifing range is) then make the pellets spread out over range and if all the pellet hit at long range(minimum damage, its 8 shots) if slugs return they should be 1 shot headshots.

My perfect definition of weapon balance is this- all guns should be unique, the guns should be balanced in its self(example if a gun has really good fire rate and damage upclose give it bad recoil, low range and poor minimum damage) it should be balanced within its class. Lets say there are 6 guns in a class there should be a reason to choose any 1 of them over the other 5. Then they should have a place/role in the games weapons as a whole.

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