im i the only one who thinks IW,3ARC, all other companies that make cod instead of making a new game one year they should go back and improve older games. What i mean is give them better graphics, make it so people can't hack it(WAW,COD4,ECT!) maybe a new map or two. If that is even possible. Maybe they could go back and rebalance the games like nerfing noob tubes+rocket launchers+danger close in MW2 slightly.

So would you like to see older cod games remade? What would you change if anything, like would you want new features added in to them:Examples adding weapon proficiencies to MW2/ Making it so you could use two attachment in WAW+COD4

personally i would love to see COD4+WAW+MW2 remade but with improved graphic,with little to no hacks and all rebalanced(COD4 wasn't that bad beside the m16)

please feel welcome to leave a comment and express your opinions below: remember everyone is entitled to their opinion.

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