simple idea heres how it goes

1. remove auto aim from snipers-NOTE auto aim and aim assist are two different things. Aim assist slows your gun when aimed near a foe. auto aim is what draws your crosshairs into the target. where your shot went high above the head auto aim makes the bullet hit the head.

2.get rid of sway on the snipers+allow snipers to fire as soon as the crosshairs are up after sprinting and while moving.

3. give regular weapons fast TTK, ADS times And sprint recovery

4. Make snipers ADS and sprint recovery combined = to that of the TTK,ADS and recovery of regular guns in step 3.

Example- so say a snipers ADS time is 450 MS and sprint recovery is 50MS(without perk augmentation).

An smg had 200 MS ADS time, 20MS sprint recovery( both ADS and recovery without perk augmentation) and a time to kill of 280MS in it effective range . If a sniper and smg player saw each other at the exact same time in the smgs fastest TTK range then it would all be about skill on who would win the gun fight.

So good or bad idea? leave your opnion down below

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