for those of you who dont know IW recently announced snipers wont have aim assist. I'll link the video-

Then before we go into a free for all and freak about that I'll link Tina from IW twitter page-

Scroll down as you'll find a conversation between her and some people. In particular Faze Kross. She says its gone in the traditional sense like MW3. So Quickscoping will be in the game but you will have to adjust.

I know this is just speculation but I think its safe to assume snipers won't be able to use quickdraw and/or dexterity.

Now heres why I think nerfing quickscoping is the wrong move for Ghosts. QS as I see it is a tactic not a playstyle it's strategy. You cant just quickscope all match every match and lead the lobby every time nor can you perform to the high level of clans such as Faze or Optic. Now can you do good only QS yes but you're not going to be able to be good all the time.

Another thing Just because MW2 sniping was easy doesnt mean it was OP. In fact QS was at its most perfect balance during MW2. For the fact the large maps and the other fast killing weapons. Most guns killed in 2-3 shots MAX! then one thing people over look is you needed 2/3 perks for quickscoping which were sleight of hand in tier one(blue perks) and in tier 2 stopping power(red perks). If you dint have these perks you were pretty much screwed in gun fights except at long range.

Now back to my main point: It will take accuracy and time to adapt and perform well in ghosts it appears, but only time will tell. As long as ghosts isn't like BO1 release sniping and easy as MW2 sniping might just be its best in COD:Ghosts.

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