Ok now first lets start with the SMGS. They all got nerfed coming into BO2. they got their range and damages reduced compared to mw3. Mosts recoil makes them hard to use at midrange, as well as there low damage.

So heres my idea to make them more usable (at least to me) there are a couple of options

1.remove the range penalty of rapid fire for SMG's

2.Make it so rapid fire's range penalty is canceled out by the long barrel

3. make long barrel increase MAX and/or MIN damage so most smgs do 33-18. So with long barrel the low powered SMGs(all but PDW and MSMC) max would be 34(3 hit kill) and min would be 20(5 hit kill) so damage would be 34-18(3-6),33-20(4-5) or 34-20(3-5)

I know some people(by some I mean most) will say any of these 3 ideas would/will make SMGS OP and complain that the SMGS are already overused but these are just how I think the game could become a little more fast paced and funner for people.

Any way feel free to leave a comment saying how you feel down below :)

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