i like the snipers but there are things that should be changed in my opinion

1. only the high powered snipers-semi autos and bolt actions should have sway, the lower damage snipers should not.the lower damage snipers should have faster aim times as well to make up for there lower damage.

2. like in other games snipers should be able to use close range optics such as red dot sight and holographics, they should have an option of using iron sights instead of the default scope( if iron sights are used on the high powered there sway is increased but recoil decreased and damage at range is weakened)

3. snipers should have lower recoil when not moving versus moving and it gets lower depending on the stance like in mw3.

this does not relate to the snipers but i thought id put this in

in the next game they should get rid of stealth perks,marksmen perk and heart beat sensor( any tracking device) ect so the person must rely on their sight to see enemies. no b4 you get mad if a person camps( stays still to long with a smg, shotgun, assault rifle act anything but a sniper or light machine gun) are either kicked out of the lobby or are killed by some means automatically just something that makes camping undoable.

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