First off for those who dont know the next DLC for BO2 will have a smg thats confirmed to be in MP as an AR/SMG hybrid known as the peacekeeper.

Now to look up if this gun is real and it is to my surprise. From what I understand the gun is new and isn't in full production yet. Now Im no gun expert and I wont pretend to be but I do know 1 weapon platform can make a large variety of weapons. Like the AK frame its made the RPD, RPK, PSL, SVD, SVU, ECT. This lead me to believe that well get other crossovers title peacekeeper ? (class weapons in) most likely. What I mean by that is weapons like LMG/AR hybrid, AR/Sniper, ECT.

Weapons I want to see: 1. would be an LMG/AR hybrid like it have 45 round mags 60 with extended. It would have a .35 aim time and would move just as fast as AR's. Another weapon i would like to see would be something like a S12/KSG hybrid. It would be a semi auto with a tube magazine with slightly longer range then the S12, but shorter then the KSG's. It would have a shorter 1 shot kill range then the S12. I would want it to shoot slugs and do 100 with like 5 meters. To balance it would have low penetration(so you cant shoot through players and obstacles) and its fire rate and magazine should be between the KSG and S12. So its fire rate would be lower the S12 but higher then the KSG and its mag should be bigger then the S12 but smaller then the KSG's.


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