Ok overall black ops 2 is a very good shooter. Its im my opinion the best shooter ive played and by far to me the best cod. But this game could do some small things to make it better.

1. Buff the LMGs- either they should all have a solid 3 hit kill at all range or they should be buffed to all be like the mk48 3-4 hit weapon with extremely long range with 95% movement. at the same time there ADS should be decreased to 350 and the quickdraw bonus should be buffed to 50% making it 175 MS with the quickdraw handle(only if lmgs are 3-4 hit kills). This will not only make the lmgs more usable but will make the HAMR better because as of now the scar-h has better range and minimum damage+ make it so all lmgs can use fast mags( the belts become drum mags)

2.remove the range penalty and hipspread increase on rapid fire.

3.Add 3 hit kills to all SMGs(except the peacekeeper) and the type 25. Rebalance the guns if necessary so they dont become OP. The 3 shot damage should be 34 and should push out the range of each gun I'm my opinion(so the 33 max range becomes 34 and make it so each gun now has more range until the minimum damage) To Balance this for the SMG's the pdw and msmcs 3 hit range should get buffed.

4. Improve the lag comp so it's not as bad and fix the spawns especially in free for all on small maps.

5. Buff the 870 so it has half of its original 1 shot kill range. buff the m1216, S12 and executioner. I dont have any ideas on how they m12 and s12 should be. The executioner should be buffed to either be at all a 1-2 shot kill or make it so it has better range (like ksg range) .

6. buff the grips increase in centerspeed(10% or >10%) so its actually a useful attachment. Same goes for sights to about 5% for all sights. Since recoil for all guns is very random in BO2.

all the above is all my opinions on how BO2 could be improved to be a better,faster paced game. So do you agree with my ideas? how do you think black ops 2 could be improved?


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