I stand by the 2 major statement ive said in my first review 1. that weapons(to me) arent balanced) and 2.the connection sucks

I now add the spawns in BO2 especially in free for all modes are the worst ive ever played( played cod since cod 4-BO2) in every mode and every maps spawn are just terrible.

The lag comp has also been a pain to me . It feels like Im always the guy who gets the punishing end of it. Ive played multiple games where Ive shot the guy 3-5 times and then in my kill cam i never even had my gun up :/. The hot detection is also faulty also.

Camping is still a problem i BO2 but not nearly as bad as previous cods. I will give treyarch that camping isnt really something easy to fix.

Now ive posted this in another blog so im making it short. I discovered something( dont know what to call it) where whether intended or not after sprinting your guns bullets( no matter what primary weapon) will fly off course. BTW this works in all cods ive played+ I also have done more testing now and my improved results show that the higher the fire rate and/or recoil will make more bullets go off target. This also works on the pistols but doesnt work on the launchers,crossbow and the ballistic knife since they fire projectiles and not hitscans. Ive discussed how I feel about this so I wont say anything besides this NEEDS! to be fixed. To anyone who says this isnt a problem go play running and gunning using SMGS and shotguns and really see how frustrating this is.

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