Ok because of that patch a few days ago I have to say Treyarch I was wrong your doing a very good job with this games and its almost perfect. I have a few more minor changes I would like to see but if they dont happen the games still fine. The only problems that I actually care about is the spawns and the connection problems.

changes I would like 2 see(not in any particular order) 1. Buff the HAMR- its the LMG variant of the SCAR-H but it has less range and lower minumum damage. this needs to be fixed

2.Bring back the old acog- what I mean by this is in all the games the acogs been in besides BO2 in decreased the aim time of LMG's and sniper rifles by I think(dont quote me) about half a millisecond(correct me if I'm wrong). So LMG's and snipers went from 400 MS to 350 MS.

3.Remove the range penalty of rapid fire- this would make the attachment much more usable.

4.Buff the QBB- It should have a slightly faster aim time then the other LMG's and it should either get his hipfire accuracy improved or its laser sight should improve its hipfire more then the other LMG's laser sight does.

5. This once again relates to the snipers. This ideas going to be about sway. The ballista with iron sights should sway and the ballistic cpu's sway reduction should be increased so that 50% of the sway is removed.

6.Last idea of mine I want: all the snipers or the next sniper(assuming there will be more DLC weapons) should be able to use the red dot sight,holographic and hybrid optic. I would really like it if these sights dont sway. They also will not speed the ADS of the sniper. I'd say the MMS but I think that would be asking for a little much since the snipers could one shot a guy through the wall.

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