Ok so first off I got this idea when watching the cod ghosts MP reveal. I got disappointed that weapon perks weren't going to be attachments. Then when mark rubin said that attachments wont cost points it hit me

Ok so heres the idea: weapon perks will be attachments but only for certain classes. Example all the classes but the SMGS would be able to use a laser sight to improve hipfire. So SMGS would have to use points to get steady aim. So to balance it out the laser sight wouldnt provide as much of a reduction to hip spread as steady aim will since it costs points to use (or reverse that seeing as SMGS already have better hipfire and the smaller reduction would still be more useful)

then these attachments CAN'T be used with the corresponding perk. 

example- you cant use laser sight with steady aim

So other attachments like stock, quickdraw handle, and fast mags would all be in ghosts available to certain classes and not the others to provide a more strategic approach to the create a class system and in my opinion help make the weapons more even.

So leave a comment down below- like or dislike the idea?

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