1. the deadeye perk- I'm only really worried about this perk being used with a sniper and/or by a good player. since the perk increase the chance to do more damage with every kill.

2. the compensator - If this works the way its said to in the squad trailer for all weapons were with each kill the gun's recoil is decreased.

To give you and idea of why the above is concerning- A guy using an smg with rapid fire and compensator with deadeye is a member of optic and they're on streak. Their gun could fire at like 1000 RPM with a 2 shot kill and have no recoil if the above is true. Anyway back to other concerns.

3. Danger close- It unknown if the perk will increase explosive damage but Im concerned if it will. Heres why

-The support streak is coming back once again with lethal streaks. Now one of them is a rocket launcher. So having a streak were I can go 1-15 and get such a powerful tool is uncomfortable to think about especially when it can get increased damage.

Then the extra lethal+ tactical grenade perks+ danger close+ reflex can all be used together.

What concern do you have for ghosts?

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