What I mean is in black ops 2 say you think a guns unbalanced so in your private matches,ECT. you could lower its damage, increase recoil,ECT. You could have complete control over its stats,(like get rid of sway on snipers).

I think it be cool if in these modes made it so you could add other attachments from other classes to your gun you couldn't get before. (like add variable zoom,long barrel,rapid fire,ECT. to your assault rifle) 

You could make perks like cold blooded so they dont cancel out sights like the thermal,ECT. They should also in these modes make it so you dont have to use wild card. In other words you can use your 10 points on what ever and however you want.

Make it so players can have extra tools to balance the game to them. So say a player like to play both BF and COD like me( god forbid you like both ) you can add the ability to tag people like in bf3 or how in the MOH:WF BETA they have it so when you die the enemy glows red. I hope thats not asking for much

FEEL FREE TO LEAVE COMMENTS AND OPINION! I EXCEPT CRITICISM! Do you think what I'm asking for is to much? Could they do it? If they can,do you think they will?

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