The mg36 appears to be a very good weapon of close range combat more so then any another LMG. 1. its iron sights are terrible for range 2. its recoil makes it hard for long range combat because its mostly horizontal recoil(even with kick and/or grip) 3. it does have slightly faster ads at. 38 compared to most lmgs.40 4. it has a drum mag for faster reloads compared to all other lmgs except the l86 LSW.

According to the MG36's wiki page the fire rate was buffed, but doesn't seem that way to me. I want its hip fire to be like the mk14's or type 95's hip fire box, i also think its ADS should be fastened to be.35 seconds. Im not asking for anything else tighten the hip fire and make ADS faster. Im asking for this because the other lmgs have many things over the mg36 is average compared to the other lmgs so this buff would make people want to use it over other lmgs.

possibly- 1.make it move slightly faster compared to other LMGS. all are 80% in mw3 make MG36 like mw2 lmgs at 87.5%

2. make its reload slightly faster then the l86 at like 3.5 seconds or 3 seconds.

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