So I was playing playing sharpshooter on black ops 2 about 1/2 a week ago. The weapon had just switch to the HAMR lmg. I then ran to find cover. I saw a guy come out of the spawn. I waited to shoot him from spawn protection. I then ran and started shooting him and hit him with what i assumed was three bullets since none of my bullets missed i was mad as to why the guy killed me so quick. But to know why i watched the kill cam i saw to some of my bullet flew of course. I was curious to see if it was something like black ops' sniping. If you remember it had a bullet timer if you aimed to fast your shot would miss. So i decided tho test not only BO2, but all cods and the weapons in each. I was fortunate to find that no weapons had the bullet timer. SO i recreated what happened in sharp shooter and noticed the possible glitch. If you sprint and aim down the sights to fast your shot will fly off course. Now some of you are gonna say ITS HIPFIRE YOURE SHOOTING BEFORE THE SIGHT SETTLES, ECT. Well i put that into testing as well and the glitch still worked even if you waited a second or two. Now i know some of you dont care but if true this problem ruins cods aggressive play, TTK(time to kill) and BTK(bullets to kill). ANother thing this messes up coding is some games. For example in BO1 i replayed a game with a WA2K silenced(int theatre) I ran up shot at a guy and the bullet through off course and hit his leg and i got a one shot kill medal (which i couldn't have gotten if he was injured) If this problem is true take to players of equal skill say both are using the mp7 and playing hardpoint. Both running towards the objective. The first guy is using the stock to move faster ads and has grip to help to better control recoil; he see guy 2 sprinting . Second guy has the same exact setup(exactly the same class) but he's sprinting toward guy one. Now both see each other at the same time, from the same distance and start shooting at each other. Lets say neither can move because of cover now. This problem would make guy 2 to loose just because he's being the more aggressive player and to me ruins the game. SO CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHY THIS HAPPENS? IS IT A GLITCH OR SOMETHING ELSE AND PS: SORRY FOR THAT RANT!

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