ok heres what i want to see in the next game sniper wise

as you know snipers can usually kill in the head,neck,chest and stomach.

in this game i want snipers to be able to kill from the thighs to the knee and down

now another thing i want changed a sniper that kills in 2 hits- no one shot kills- with no sway

no as you go through the game the later the sniper is unlocked it gets more one shot kills, more recoil, more sway and smaller magazines. so unlocked at the start is a two hit kill sniper with no sway/ recoil with a 20 round mag- to the last unlocked , a one shot kill anywhere high recoil sniper with a 5 round mag. also the fire rate goes down for the power the sniper has so the 2 hit has like 1200 rpm to the one shot kill anywheres 400 rmp. also the more powerful the sniper the worse its spread is from smg spread- worse then a snipers.

i also want low power snipers to be able to use close range optics like the red dot sight and holographic. there affect on the sniper is faster aim time, lower recoil and better hip fire performance. the low powered also has the ability to use iron sights. weakest is the two shot,the strongest in this category would be one like the wa2000

i would also like the high powered snipers to be able to use grips - same affect as the close range sights minus the faster aim, but in exchange the grip reduces recoil more, tightens the hip fire spread more,makes switching/dropping the sniper faster and lowers sway.- weakest would be like the barret strongest would be the one shot anywhere.

i also want a sniper for each zone kill- like one for one shot kills to the head, one that only can kill to the head and neck, and one that kill to the head neck and shoulders. you get my points. snipers should also be able to shoot through any material without loosing damage with impact proficiency.

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