chaos mode ideas:) how it could be better- MY OPINION! 1. make its so you can use MP multiplayer classes 2. you can earn killstreaks- all packages 3. you can get all of a weapons attachments+proficiencies at once : all attchments except only 1 optic and 1 under barrel(so no like RDS and HOLO or GRIP and GRENADE LAUNCHER) 5. make it like old school mode from cod4 with some differences- weapons,attachments,proficiencies,ECT are all over the map and able to be picked up:) 6. snipers can use their iron+ all sights and have no sway. 7.Bring back old cod game weapons and perks - like the g3,mp40,m14 ebr,stoner63. perks like Double tap, lightweight, stopping power.

something i want that wouldn't be balanced in chaos mode would be 8.. all primaries can use all attachments(examples snipers can use grip, AR's can use variable zoom ,SMGS can use grenade launchers and lmgs could use the HAMR sight)

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