• Floody16

    The very best ideas posted will be on the story, so check out this points:

    -(For now) Must be focused on the german experiments (when the time comes, i'll take your Marine ideas)

    -Must be sticked to the actual known story


    This is all. I'll give you the story link in short time...


    STORY HERE!!!!!!..

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  • Floody16

    My own "Nazi Zombies Story" Version....i have some ideas...

    Here is what I would like you to help me with:

    Although there are characters in the whole story, I need some names for the secondary characters.

    Of, course, as they are Nazis, i need GERMAN names, but when the time comes, i'll ask for names for the 4 un-named Marines that will be the firsts to fight the zombies....

    If you have any ideas you would like me to use, write them....


    STORY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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