I mean yes, I would like to see Ghost stay alive but its nearly impossible. Oh if my spelling is off sorry. Back to the point. I've been surfing youtube and I see these videos that are wannabe fannon about Ghost surviving and some how they work it into what they think is logic and state that it is clearly fact. People are also STILL supporting that he's Gaz. Honestly It makes me lose faith in my generation that they can have these childish basic theories " H3 w@z w3@ring Bu113t pr00f v25t!!!" (translation: he was wearing a bullet proof vest). Some of these arguements are just FULL of loopholes, more holes than Paris Hilton..sorry skip that last part a little bit..Anyways feel free to discuss here how annoying you think this is, your defense on it, or some idiotic theories you see. If I'm breaking any rules at all I apologize, this is my first blog. Oh and ignore the links..sorry...

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